"Gary Swoboda is incapable of writing a dishonest sentence. Hungry Tigers testifies to the power of persistence and humor in taming the beast of addiction."
                                                               Gary Miranda
                                                               Poet, screenwriter

"Remember the fuss over James Frey's memoir? It was an interesting and shocking depiction of an alcoholic/addict, but lost its power when it was discovered that many parts were untrue. A better read is Hungry Tigers, the author's true and compelling account of hell and the journey back. It is told with honesty, humor, and after the tears, a feeling of hope and redemption...."                                               
                                                               Teresa Fuhrer

"Hungry Tigers is one of those books you pick up and are glued to it until you are forced to put it down. I'm absolutely amazed that a person who was this messed up, wrote a book this good."                            
                                                               Patrick Armstrong
      A MEMOIR 
 By Gary Swoboda

"He had me at 'I got clean when Luke died.' This is one I couldn't put down. This writer has a way of writing that makes me feel as though I were sitting across the table from him while he was telling me the story. The most heart-tugging and honest story of addiction and recovery I have ever read."      
                                         Doresa Dressler

"This revealing book pulls the veil off the ugly face of addiction and then stares at you with honesty and humor. The author leaves the 'messy' parts in, and that is part of what makes this book whole. Bravo, Mr. Swoboda. I wish you well in your recovery."
                    Emily Babic

"I was moved both by the pathos and the surprising presence of humor. As a person of faith, Gary's writing served to remind me of how God's grace is always ready to meet us, even if that is at one the lowest and 'least perfect' places in our lives. And as a mental health professional, I encountered the full circle of one who has lived through the hell of addiction yet has drawn from it an authenticity and strength rather than the perspective of a 'victim.'"

                     Dr. Laura R.

"Your book is amazing! And it's funny, funny, funny!!"
     Marianne N.
"Although my problem is food and not drugs, addiction is addiction. Your book inspired me. I've lost 25 lbs in 27 days. I really feel your book was the contributing factor which got me going.  Your writing has a motivational aspect to it which I feel has widespread appeal."
 D.W., DMD

"Absorbing, laugh-out-loud funny, tragic, inspirational. A first class page-turner. This book deserves the attention James Frey's book received. It carries a message of hope that people can believe in."

   Kathy Spencer

"I'm not an avid reader but this book had me hooked on page one until I finished it. It was well-written and very upfront and honest. I dare anyone to read it and not feel the same way. The author takes you on a journey with him of laughter, sorrow, agony, and finally hope in his recovery."

   Debbie J. 
Author is available for speaking engagements regarding the topic of addiction and recovery. Please email Gary at garywillyswo@yahoo.com if interested. Thank you.


Ben Randolph has been a close friend of mine for many years. We met in recovery in 1999. Ben has devoted his life to working with people suffering from  addictions of all kinds. If you are thinking of doing an intervention on a loved one, I highly recommend Ben as someone who can help you through the process with experience, wisdom and most importantly, compassion.

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